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BlueBarricade signs IBM mainframe agreement with HCL Technologies to support new blockchain and AI solutions

February 18, 2022

Access to global processing capacity gives the Swedish Fintech frontrunner speed and scalability to deliver new business applications to customers.

STOCKHOLM, February 18, 2022 ( -
BlueBarricade Blockchain & AI Technology AB - the software house based in Stockholm, Sweden - has signed an agreement to leverage IBM mainframe computer capacity from HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company. The agreement gives BlueBarricade the processing capacity to start onboarding blockchain and AI customers to its ground-breaking new software product 1400TPS, adding speed and scalability to the other benefits of blockchain technology: security, transparency and traceability.

HCL offers Linux on Z shared services for blockchain, creating a reliable and secure environment with guaranteed processing capacity to support the client's business applications. In partnership with HCL Technologies, BlueBarricade will now be able to deliver a reliable and cost-efficient Linux on Z shared service for clients. The service will be hosted at HCL:s data center in Gothenburg, Sweden.


About BlueBarricade


BlueBarricade Blockchain & AI Technology AB, founded in 2018, is an innovative software house within Fintech, blockchain and AI. BlueBarricade's innovations will be sold to IBM and HCL customers worldwide. With the launch in summer 2021 of BlueBarricade's unique product 1400TPS all enterprises, banks, insurance, industry and logistics can start to use advanced blockchain and AI technology embedded in IBM Mainframe.

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